About iMAP

The Internet Monitoring Action Project (iMAP) aims to establish regional and in-country networks that monitor network interference and restrictions to the freedom of expression online in 10 countries: Cambodia, Hong Kong (China), India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam. Sinar Project is currently working with national digital rights partners in these 10 countries. The project is done via Open Observatory Network Interference (OONI) detection and reporting systems, and it involves the maintenance of test lists as well as the collection and analysis of measurements.

Main Activities

Activity 1: Foster the development of regional and national network of digital activists

As the first step, each partner organization will host a country workshop on the use of the OONI Probe. The workshop will have four outcomes: (1) support the development of country-specific test lists; (2) support the development of the national research community (the OONI network); (3) train partners on the use of the OONI Probe, and; (4) improve existing OONI network interference tests through input from local research partners in regard to local network conditions and constraints. 

This is also complemented by monthly, quarterly and ad-hoc meetings between Sinar Project and partner organization where national partners can interact and learn lessons in regard to the management of the national OONI networks and in using the OONI Probe. These meetings will also foster partnership and a sustainable digital rights network amongst the partners.

Activity 2: Strengthen censorship monitoring by improving country specific test list

An important part of identifying censorship is determining which websites to examine for blocking. The OONI Probe is designed to examine URLs contained in specific lists (“test lists”) for censorship. By default, the OONI Probe examines the “global test list” that includes a wide range of internationally relevant websites, most of which are in English. In addition to testing the URLs included in the global test list, the OONI Probe is also designed to examine a test list specifically created for the target country. Unlike the global test list, country-specific test lists include websites that are relevant and commonly accessed within specific countries, often in local languages.

The country specific test list will need to be updated frequently to ensure relevance to the country.

Activity 3: Ongoing Internet censorship monitoring and reporting

Continuous and sufficient data on OONI is needed to ensure analysis can be done across vantage points in the country, as well as covering the test lists. Sinar Project and partner organizations will report annually on the state of internet censorship based on this data.