Addressing Internet Censorship and Content Filtering: An Advocacy Toolkit for Civil Society Organizations

This toolkit for civil society organizations and advocacy movements empowers existing movements to navigate internet censorship and content filtering.

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Training Material, Guides, Organizing/Educational Materials

In South and Southeast Asia, internet censorship and content filtering have become a tool to silence dissent and limit freedom of information. These forms of digital rights violations contribute to the region’s shrinking civic spaces. Recent notable cases include the 2021 blocking of critical progressive websites in the Philippines, under the allegation of “being affiliated to communist-terrorist groups” and the 2023 permanent shutdown of Voice of Democracy in Cambodia for its alleged actions against the “dignity and reputation of the Cambodian Government” in early 2023.

Taking these incidents into account, EngageMedia, with the support of the Global Network Initiative, has produced a regional advocacy toolkit on Addressing Internet Censorship and Content Filtering.


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