iMAP Thailand 2023 Internet Censorship Report

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Research Reports, Working Paper

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Key Findings

No significant developments in terms of internet censorship in Thailand in 2023. Pornography, Gambling and Provocative Attire websites had the highest rate of blocked and likely blocked.

During the May 2023 elections,, which was a website that published unofficial election results, was unavailable on the night of 14 May 2023. This was also found inaccessible on OONI data, although there was no block page to confirm that it was a government or ISP mandated censorship.

With the outcome of the May 2023 general elections, it is likely that this state of internet censorship will continue as the new government seems to be prioritizing economic policies, rather than changes in human rights. However, this may also mean that the current lèse-majesté laws are to continue and there may be future restrictions on political criticism in the online space. 

Versions of the full report can be downloaded at the links below.


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